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  • Back Issues: Find the right titles and topics for your class. Available in singles or sets.
  • Nonfiction Theme Packs: Thematically grouped back issues explore core curriculum topics in depth so students build knowledge while experiencing the joy of reading. Each comes with online teacher’s guides.
  • CobblestoneOnline: Subscribe to our virtual learning archives with 20,000+ full-text articles from over 35 years of award-winning writing. We offer value-priced options for individual classrooms and entire buildings.
  • Teaching with Primary Sources: U.S. and world history teaching units are packed with 40-50 primary source documents, full background descriptions, clear objectives, and thoughtful individual and group activities. An excellent addition to the history/social studies classroom, each title includes full permission to reproduce.
  • Timelines & Cover Art Posters: Put history in perspective with extensive timelines and showcase some of our most powerful cover art on your walls.
  • 10-volume Civil War series: With lavish illustrations, maps, and historical photos, this hardcover series is perfect for the classroom, library, or home. Here are famous generals and ordinary soldiers. Here is death on the battlefield and life on the home front. And here is a badly wounded nation, trying to put itself together. Available in single volumes or save with the set
  • Children of the Ancient World series: Learn how children in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China lived, worked, and played.
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    1861: A Year in the Civil War

  • COB1211.jpg

    1862: A Year in the Civil War

  • COB1102.jpg

    1863: A Year in the Civil War

  • COB1101.jpg

    23 Little-Known Events That Changed America

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  • COB1005.jpg

    30 Greatest American Events

  • COB1001.jpg

    30 Greatest Americans

  • CAL1101.jpg

    30 People Who Changed the World

  • COB1107.jpg

    49 Great American Writers

  • CAL1004.jpg

    A Grand Society of Merchants

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    A New Look at the Queen