Primary Sources

Promote critical thinking skills and bring American and World history to life with the raw materials of history: primary source documents. Each 3-ring binder contains 40-50 documents, standards-aligned activities, and the complete historical context for every photo, letter, document, or broadside. Permission to photocopy.

  • TWPS_Amer Frontier 1785_1861_50_rgb

    American Frontier 1785-1861

  • TWPS_AncientGreecel_50_rgb

    Ancient Greece I

  • CAL44453.jpg

    Ancient Greece II

  • TWPS_AncientRomel_50_rgb

    Ancient Rome I

  • TWPS_Ancient_Romell_50_rgb

    Ancient Rome II

  • TWPS_Archaeology_50_rgb

    Archaeology of Early Colonial Life

  • TWPS_CA History_50_rgb

    California History

  • COB67555.jpg

    Erie Canal: New York`s Gift to the Nation

  • TWPS_Florida History_50_rgb

    Florida History

  • TWPS_Seneca Falls_50_rgb

    Seneca Falls: Achieving Women’s Rights

  • TWPS_Texas History_50_rgb

    Texas History

  • COB38921.jpg

    The Civil War: A Survey