Teacher's Guide for APPLESEEDS Paul Revere

October 2001

This guide was prepared by Mary Shea, Ph.D. Dr. Mary Shea teaches undergraduate and graduate reading courses at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.

What Kind of a Person Was Paul Revere?

What a person is like on the outside make up the person's physical traits These may include such things as height, hair length, or hair and eye color.

What a person is like on the inside is described with character traits This may include such descriptors as brave, honest, responsible, clever, thoughtful, or sad. We usually have ideas about what kind of a person someone is on the inside after reading about what s/he has said, what s/he has done, or from other people's comments about the person. People's conclusions about someone's character traits can be different. We have ideas based on our own experiences and interpretations of the information given to us.

Think about what kind of a person Paul Revere was. Write the word that describes a character trait of Paul Revere. Give your reason, using evidence from the readings that caused you to come to that conclusion. Copy your final chart onto a page for the big book.

Paul Revere
Character TraitReason (Evidence from the Readings)

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