Teacher's Guide for FACES Morocco

February 2001

Teacher Guide prepared by Cyndy Hall. Ms Hall is a southern California teacher, writer and keyboard musician.

Ask students what they already know about Morocco. Make a list on butcher paper or chalkboard.

Locate Morocco on a world map.
Find the major geographic points (mountains, lakes, rivers, etc.), cities, and any countries or major bodies of water around Morocco's border. Vocabulary included in this issue:
oasis, minaret, skein, esplanade, descendant, pungent, desertification, constitutional monarchy, mosque, khamsa, Arabic, dirham, wadi, kasbah, kaftan, medina, souk, Qur'an (Koran), marabouts, Koubbas, moussems, fantasia, imam, Khabib, alem, muezzin, medersa, mushrabiyya, mihrab, minbar, Arabesques, Maghreb, djallaba, khamsa, henna, maroquinerie, babouches, me'ida, shalata, couscous, hub'z, sokkhar, kahwa
People / Places / Ideas to Explore Further: Questions and Activities:
  1. "Welcome to Morocco" (p. 8 - 13)
  2. "Islam in Morocco" (p. 14 - 17)
  3. "Believer to Believer: the King Hassan II Mosque" (p. 18 - 21)
  4. "Marrakich" (p. 23 - 25)
  5. "Moroccan Good Luck Hands" (p. 26 - 27)
  6. "Moroccan Leather" (p. 29)
  7. "Let's Eat" (p. 30 - 32)
  8. "Morocco's Endangered Species" (p. 34 - 36)
  9. "From the Outside Looking In" (p. 38 - 39)
  10. "Zohra and the Gazelles" (p. 40 - 43)
  11. Don't forget the "Moroccan Crossword" activity on page 47!
Further Projects / Discussion: Find out more about Morocco and listen to her National Anthem here!

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